All on one CD?

This is probably a repeated question. If so, beg forgiveness :bow: and ask that you point me to the appropriate thread. Here’s the situation: I have a 713MB xvid file that I’d like to get on one CD. Overburing with Nero almost worked: even though Nero gave me a burn failure message at the end, I was still able to read the CD, but with some loss of media. So my question is: what is the best approach to fit this avi onto one cd, without splitting it, and without much loss in quality?

800mb CD

I also would like more information about this, without using an 800 mb disc what are my options???

You could load it into Virtualdub & save it recompressing it with the Xvid codec but reduce the quality slightly.
If you’ve got it as an mpg file then burning 800mb to a 700mb CD should work fine.