All of my dvd games excluding the codemasters range just sit and spin in the drive

Hello all I have just bought a Samsung TSH-552B dvd burner and I am encountering a very strange problem in that it seems to play films and normal cd’s with no problems yet all of my dvd games excluding the codemasters range just sit and spin in the drive,I have tried all the firmwares individually but its still the same so I am at a total loss.The only thing I can think is that its faulty but that doesn’t explain why it works on the above that I have mentioned.Thanks for any help…

Do you have any copy protection burning apps such as Alcohol, Clone CD or Blindwrite installed?

Nope nothing at all other than Nero and DVD x copy and I dont think they would conflict with it. Is it to do with the copy protection on the discs do you think.

It could do, but only if you had say Clone CD and had used it to backup a game that was run with emulation, it could render the genuine useless. Do you have a drive besides the burner? if so what happens with that? Could be a starforce problem too, try Aray and see if any of your games are Starforce protected. This is a protection that installs its own drivers, many new DVD games use it. It could be causing a conflict, in which case you can download a Starforce cleaning utility from the SF site. I’m just stabbing in the dark now. :slight_smile:

Well it seems it was the drive swapped it with another from the shop and all is ok,thanks for the help tho guys.

BIZZARE! Glad its fixed. :iagree: