All of a sudden slow burn with

I had just upgraded and copied DVD to Dual layer +R media and everything went fine it actually burned quicker than ever. Then I did a stupid thing and decided to uninstall some old versions and when I rebooted and ran the DVD Fab Plat this time it said something about not being able to load the burn engine?. I figured something was deleted when I removed the old software so I reload the Fab Plat and rebooted and the message went away,only now the burn speed is extremely slow about .45X. Nothing else changed, same media, even a movie I previously burned at 2.4X is now going that slow. I tired the reset DMA button, no help. Task manager shows my CPU is being hammered at about 95%. No other programs or unusual tasks are running. What gives? Gee I should have just left the old stuff alone. Help! Thanks :sad:


How to do a Clean uninstall of DVDFab
Uninstall DVDFab like you normally do, next open My Computer and go to c:\Program Files (OR) where ever you installed DVDFab and delete the DVDFab folder…now close Program Files
Since you are already have your “C” drive open go to “Documents and Settings \ OWNER” and open the “HIDDEN FOLDER” called “Application Data”…now go all the way down to “PCOUFFIN” that was left behind when DVDFab was uninstalled and delete ( NOTE ) there are 4 entries for the pcouffin delete “ALL 4”…close documents and settings
NOW the last thing you want to do in your “C” drive is to open the “WINDOWS folder \ PREFETCH folder” and delete the boot-up file for DVDFab (better known as the ".pf " file
it will look like this DVDFABPLATINUM3080.EXE- # # # # # # #
where # is a number and or letter (string of 8 total ( NOTE ) delete all entries for FAB…close the “C” drive
Now open “My Documents” and delete the DVDFab Folder (AND) the “PCSETUP” Folder …now close my documents
if you have anything in the Recycle Bin empty it NOW for the last two steps DO in order 1st do a Registry Clean up “REGSEEKER” or what ever you use after that Defrag your whole system NOW Reboot and re-install DVDFab ( NOTE ) DO NOT USE AN OLD download file of FAB that you have had on your computer "COULD be Corrupt RE-DOWNLOAD a new copy of the file
and let us know how it works out

PS…make these selections in common settings \ Write

Burning Engine …VSO
Write Speed…4x or 8x
Write Type of DVD-R media…SAO Writing
DVD Writable Media(DVD-5)size…4464 " by using custumize in the drop down"
Set Booktype…check

(NOTE) click OK NOT the close button on top
AND most of all this is very important ( DO NOT ) have any programs running in the background “PLUS” when doing a backup “STAY OFF” the internet

Hi hpgirl
Sorry did not have time to finish my other reply, my dogs got out of the yard and had to chase them down.
Anyway sounds like your DMA is not set dont know if you know how to check it so click on the link below and it will tell you how

Thanks, so much. Actually if I had done a little more reading of your previous discussion regarding DMA and PIO modes…I would have figure it out. The Secondary IDE port was locked in to PIO mode…I went in to Device Manager and uninstalled it and then scanned for new HW and it reinstalled and then let me choose DMA if available and low and behold used UDMA!!! YIppeeee!!! Everything seems to be back to par now. I want to do some other reading regarding setting the registry so that it can’t be flipped back to PIO. Thanks for all the get information you have all taken the time to post. I have learned so much even how to look at the logs and really see what is happening. I love it!
The only other issue I have at the moment is one of my DVD’s I can not copy, it’s a movie called “Ladies In Lavender” I have tried different media and each time the result is the same I get error Write error at 0 (16) - Code 03 0C 80 [Medium error]
it will even lock up DVDFAB, says it encountered an error and has to close. This only happens on this disk but no matter what type of media I try to use. Thanks again for everything! HPgirl

Hi hpgirl glad I was able to help
PS…May want to check for an update on the firmware for your DVD Writer :smiley: