All of a sudden, my Plextor PX-716SA stopped reading any dvd's

i’ve had this for almost a year with absolutely no problem.
now it doesn’t read any dvd or dvdr
it still reads and burns cd’s with no problem
does anybody have any suggestions? i have the latest firmware.

welcome to the club. My first 716sa stopped after a few months reading any dvds. Now my second stopped a few wks ago and that has been sent in to be replaced. I really doubt that I will buy another plextor, next unit will probably be a Lite-On.

Run the self diagnostic with recommended media and if it fails give Plextor a call.:frowning:

I myself don’t have much faith in the ‘Self Diagnostic Test’. My first burner that failed me passed the test with both dvdr and cdr blanks even though the I was still unable to read anything through windows. My second burner was a little different issue, the second burner wouldnt read any blanks cdr nor dvd-r(and yes I did try blanks that were on Plextors compatibilty chart.) This unit didn’t pass self test feature.

Well that’s probably the first thing Plextor will ask MistaRip to do before he can RMA if he has to. Glad I bought mine at Costco I just took 2 back and they were replaced on the spot.:wink:

Insert a stamped DVD, i.e., movie disc. The drive should initialize the green LED in 20-30 seconds. If it can’t read the ADIP info on the disc it won’t read data–the LED will blink, indicating a bad drive. If the disc does initialize, it means the drive is reading ADIP and is probably working fine–data is data. Most likely the read problem is Alcohol 120 or something else.

Thread title says: All of a sudden, my Plextor PX-716SA stopped reading any dvd’s So I assumed he has already tried that.:slight_smile:

You know what happens when you assume something…

just trying to point out a quick test that doesn’t involve the self test…which sometimes can be a b**** just getting the drive out. If the drive won’t initialize the known good stamped disc, the drive is bad. If it does initialize, could be the drive still, but since it reads disc info at that point, most likely is something else. BTW, I was wrong when I stated that a stamped disc has the ADIP…thats only on recordable. However, the stamped disc does have info that must be read…initialization still goes for both stamped and recordable.

doesn’t read movies either.
i tried one yesterday

Dsquare, DON NOT get a lite-on. that was my first dvd writer. u will get constant coaster errors. 1 out of 6 dvds would burn fine.

man, plextor was the best for cd writers. i figured it would be the same way with the dvd writers. :frowning:
thanks for all ur suggestions.
i will run the self diag test now