All of a sudden my DVDFab fails

It fails every time, after working perfectly for a long time without a problem. I am mostly ripping from DVD VIDEO_TS folders or DVD ISOs downloaded with a P2P client, using the MKV Passthrough option. I’m trying it now with an actual DVD, and it’s strangely working. It’s normal every once in awhile to find a DVD iso or video_ts folder that doesn’t work, but over the past few days I’ve accumulated 6 different films that won’t rip, even though they all play if I click on the VIDEO_TS.IFO file, using Potplayer. I get the full menus and all the features work, different audio tracks, subtitles, extras, etc. One is a DVD9 and the other five are DVD5’s. What could be the problem?

Perhaps you are unaware of the fact that we do not discuss copyright protected material that is downloaded without the express permission of the copyright holders?

Here are the guidelines for discussions of copyright protected material at MyCE:

If by some chance all of the movies you’ve downloaded are in the public domain, then this discussion can continue. It seems unlikely however.

Your problem probably stems from the manner in which the movies were originally decrypted and ripped. To avoid this issue, I suggest buying your own copies of the DVD’s, then decrypt and rip them yourself.

In fact these are all public domain films, mostly from the 1910’s to the 1950’s, from a group that records old shows from TV and shares them. I suppose it could just be coincidence that 6 films in a row won’t rip after hundreds of such have ripped with only a few failures. If there are no known issues with the software, then I’ll inquire of the rippers, perhaps someone is doing something wrong on their end.

DVDFab is one of the few programs I know that intentionally misuses the term rip. It generally means moving the data from an optical disc to a hard drive.

In your use of the term, I take it to mean that you want to change formats from DVD-video to MKV without re-encoding the video and audio, since you mentioned passthrough.

If no one here in the DVDFab forum can help, send me a PM and I can direct you to another option (free), that I can’t mention in the DVDFab subforum.

But perhaps someone will be able to help. It seems unlikely that public domain movies would be encrypted, so the usual problem of poor decryption may not apply here.

Oh, and one thing I forgot to mention. If there is a slight problem in the way the DVD-video is authored, you might be able to correct it with FixVTS. Run the video through this program and try again with DVDFab.

I don’t remember offhand if FixVTS will accept an ISO, so you might have to mount the ISO in a virtual drive first.