All of a sudden it wont copy movies

I bought 1clickdvdcopy about 2 months ago, and have enjoyed it very much, but all of a sudden, when im trying to make a copy of a copy it says i have encrytion on it. Im running anydvd in the background and it will not copy it. I switch to dvdfab and i have no problems at all. Im very disappointed with 1clickdvdcopy. Is there a newer version I should download. Never had this problem before. Should i uninstall and then install again. Any help would be appreciated.

Yes , update 1Click to from here
Also update AnyDVD to from here

You should be able to update right over top of your present version(s)
I would update 1Click first , reboot , then AnyDVD , reboot

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After downloading the newest version im back in business. I would like to thank Shannon for all the help, and speedy manner in which she replied.That is why i choose 1clickdvdcopy,for all the support in this site. Thx

A pleasure to be of service ,
I’m glad that was an easy resolution :smiley:

Happy Burning ! :iagree:

i have 1 click dvd 4.1 amd i downloadded the new version like u said and now they are both on the desk top and i try to open the new one and it says my registration code is invalid?

Did you completely remove 1Click 4.1 before installing ?
Because of the wide difference in versions
v4.2.9.2 may have been installed in a separate folder ,
leaving 4.1 intact and registered

Look in your > Control Panel > “Add / Remove Programs” listing
Are there 2 listings for 1Click ?

4.1 may still be registered ,
making it impossible to also register

Keep your REG ID handy .
Go to your Add / remove programs
UN install all listings of 1Click , CopytoDVD ,
Reboot .
Re install only 1ClickDVDCopy
Reboot .
Reinstall AnyDVD .
When AnyDVD asks you to remove DVD43 , agree
AnyDVD and DVD43 MUST NOT be installed on the same computer ,
Search and DELETE any found remnants of DVD43


if after following shannon’s advice you still get the same message then you wil probably need to mail 1click support and have then reset your REG ID…

when you mail then supply your REG ID, and the email address that you used when you bought 1click

I am using One Click and anyDVD The problem is when I try to make a backup of a DVD (which I own) I get the error message that the disc is copy protected and that if I am using a decryptor I may need to restart it before using 1 Click DVD Copy. I have restarted both programs and it still gives me the same message. I even tried reinstalling. SO, are the newest versions of these programs incompatible?

Thanks and HELP !!!

Matt 382, I had this same problem. I was told to turn off the ANYDVD safe mode. I tried that and I am not backing up movies just like I used to. Hope that helps!

THAT WORKED!!! Thanks, and all you who are having this problem give it a try.

Thanks SLUGGO 79!!! :doh: