All of a sudden DVD Shrink

well I have been using DVD Shrink for a long while. Lately the dvds that I burn won’t play in my Toshiba standalone. The old dvds i burned with Shrink do work. I have always used the same media and same burner. Sony 710A burner and Sony DVD+R. I can’t figure out what has changed. The Standalone Toshiba is obviously not the problem because it does play the older dvds i burned months ago. Another thing I noticed is that when I choose backup dvd in Shrink, when the box with tabs and options comes up (the one with dvd region, quality settings, etc.), the options under quality settings, perform deep analysis and adaptive error compensation, cannot be selected. they looked clouded out, disabled, i can see them but cannot check or uncheck them. Any ideas???

If you cannot select Deep Analysis then either the DVD has been analysed before or it already fits on a DVD 5. If it fits on a DVD 5 then, the AEC quality settings would not be able to be selected.

Have you tried the DVD’s on another player.

do the newly burned dvds playback on your computer without any problems? If they don’t, its a media/burner issue.

Your burner also has a media learning function that sometimes goes a bit haywire - reflash your firmware, or go to to get a nice little tool that will reset it.

Just in case you didn’t know your Sony 710 burner is actually made by Lite-On.

thanks for the responses, i finally got it to work. the burn speed was set to maximum and i lowered it to 8x and now i can view the dvds in my standalone. all this time and it was something so small. thanks again.

Welcome to the world of computing! The more engineering applications, the more something can (and will) go wrong!