All of a sudden computer freezes when trying to rip a DVD

I use Clone DVD and Any DVD to rip DVD’s. Has worked like a charm since day one. Now all of a sudden if I try to rip a DVD using Clone DVD or even another program, (The other day I tried using DVD Squeeze to rip something) my computer locks up and must be rebooted. Sometimes I just get a plain old frozen screen. Yesterday I got bars across my screen and then a complete system freeze. I thought that maybe DVD Squeeze might suck so I uninstalled it and tried Clone. Still froze. I had just installed another 512MB of memory into my computer. I took that out and tried it how the computer used to be. Still froze. I did a system restore to about a week ago when I am sure it was working. Still froze. It will usually rip about 20% into the DVD and then lock up.

Not sure what the hell the deal is but I am getting pissed off. I’ve installed several programs within the last couple of weeks. Not sure if they could be the culprit. I installed Style XP, and a couple other minor progs. I’ve uninstalled everything except Style XP and retried to rip with no luck. The player plays DVD’s just fine. It just doesn’t seem to want to rip. I would say that maybe the DVD-RW drive is bad. But it plays them just fine, it just won’t rip. Getting really pissed off here. Anyone have any suggestions? I’d appreaciate it!

Perhaps one of those programs “updated” some disc access drivers, it wouldn’t be the first time. I’d suggest restoring a Windows XP storepoint previous before all those installations.

try auto gordon with the dvd decrypter update

try auto gordon with the dvd decrypter update
be sure to read the read me file enclosed for settings

dvdshrink would be the best option (its free aswell :slight_smile: ), does it do it with all dvds or just one?