All of a sudden, can't burn ISO with Nero

Hello all,

I read some threads, but couldn’t find a direct answer.

I know my Nero version is probably old (version 5) but it works. In fact I burned an ISO image just a few days ago.

Today when I try, using the wizard or not, I get to the selection of where the ISO image resides. I click on the file to open. Then when I select open it insists on saving this as a nero image first (.nrg file). I never did this before nor the other day when I performed a similar function.

Any thoughts…

Is the Current Recorder set to Image Recorder? Because you could be opening a image and then burning to an image again… that would be funny. Make sure on the final burn settings screen that your current recording drive NOT be set to image recorder as the feature is to actually burn image files to your pc.

Feeling embarrassed but that was it - Thanks