ALL NEW: DVDFab x64 v11.0.0.0 Beta is out

Dear All,

Time flies! It’s been two years since the introduction of DVDFab 10. During the past two years, we’ve made tons of improvements to further polish DVDFab 10. As the old saying goes, quantitative changes shall eventually lead to a substantial change in quality. Now it’s the right time to bring about the next big transformation - introducing the All-New DVDFab 11.
However, reinventing DVDFab 10 is not an easy job. It involves days and nights of GUI redesigning, programming, testing, debugging, and polishing, etc. With all of these bearing in mind, we still managed to get the best designers, programmers, and testers here, only for one mission - to present you the best DVDFab 11, and now we are very close to that goal.
As a tradition, before officially unveiling DVDFab 11, we shall first release a Beta version for those who can’t wait to take the first bite. This Beta version might be a little bit less stable and might still contain some minor bugs, but they will surely be addressed later when the final official release is ready.

A quick glance of the new features in DVDFab 11:

  • All-new flat design, brand-new user interface, plain and simple;
  • Redesigned prompt dialog floating in from the bottom of main interface;
  • Integrated the Task Queue Manager to the main interface;
  • Introduced the YouTube Uploader in Ripper and Converter modules, which allows users to upload the resulting videos directly to YouTube channel. Note: Please make sure your YouTube channel works normally and you’ve verified your account (if you want to upload videos longer than 15 mins) in YouTube before uploading the video.
  • Introduced the Mobile Video Loader to transfer videos from smartphones or tablets directly to DVDFab 11; improved the File Transfer to transfer the edited videos directly back to smartphones or tablets, WITHOUT THE DATA CABLE ANYMORE. Note: DVDFab Remote 1.2.2 is required on your smartphone or tablet, which is available in iOS App Store and Google Play.
  • Introduced the redesigned Video Edit feature in Ripper and Converter modules.
  • Introduced the all-new Turbo Conversion Engine that supports the latest HW acceleration technologies from NVIDIA, AMD and Intel.
  • Some more improvements and changes.

As a team, we really appreciate all your continued supports in all those passing years, and we of course sincerely hope that supports shall stay with us in the days to come.
We welcome your feedback, advice and suggestions to make DVDFab 11 a better product. Please don’t hesitate to let us know. You can provide it in this special thread:…ere#post360628

DVDFab 11 also introduces the online installer program, which is only around 3MB in size. Using this online installer to download and install DVDFab 11 is much faster and easier than the standalone offline installer.
Download the Online Installer Here:…Downloader.exe

Download the Offline Installer Here:

SHA1: F7ADFBF901744CDC396D469BCCE6B5003D1728C3
CRC32: D1CD6726

And the DVDFab x86 will coming soon!

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