All Nero & Potential Users Please Read



Here’s a copy of the “E” I sent to the Nero sales dept today after finally getting to talk to a tech about my problem with Nero freezing while trying to burn an .avi video file. (program always stops responding at about 60%) Also you should know that to talk to a tech you are required to give your credit card information 1st and the cost to talk to someone is ? $1.29 a minute! Regardless of the outcome. You should also know that the fix the tech suggested was a 3rd party freeware software program used to reformat the video file that adds 1-2 hours before recording and is not Windows XP compatible. He was very rude, talked over me and when I tried to suggest more was wrong with the software (software didn’t recognize the DVD-RW as 4+ gigs, but instead read it at 700Mb) He cut me off in the middle of a sentence and put me back on hold - where I had been for 45min. prior!!! So this is what I wrote to the sales dept. - NEW or POTENTIAL BUYERS BEWARE!

After hours of trying to get thru to the Ahead Software Tech staff and giving pre-authorized funds with my credit card to do so, I found the tech very un-helpful with his advice and rudely speaking over me ending with being put back on hold right in the middle a of sentence? I never raised my voice to him nor did I try to speak over him while he spoke over me. I find it hard to believe that a software company as large as Ahead/Nero has absolutely no control over their employees and leaves no recourse for the consumer (the people that help put them where they are today) such as a link and/or phone number to report such incidences. I have immediately put a dispute in for charges I may incur and would never consider paying for a representative of a company like Ahead/Nero to treat their customers in such a manner. I’m sending this “E” in trust that it makes it to the right desk and expect I get a reply in a timely manner.


P.S. - If anyone else has had simular problems I would love to hear about them as I am not done with them yet. I plan to take this as far as need be to have something changed!