All my scans look like this

The 1610 is in a external box via USB 2.0 but it should still reach 16x burns, which it wont . 13x is the max so far I believe.
Does anyone have this or maybe the 1620 in a Prolific chipset External box?

I switched the connection to firewire and now…not much better.Makes it almost to 16x but bottoms out quick. I was wondering if there is someone who has a similar set up and if they had this problem and a solution. :confused:

WHat did you get for the burst rate?

You need a minimum 18-19MB/s to get a safe 16x burn.

Hey wait…
how can transfer rate test tell you if your burn speed is reaching 16x??
It only tells that the drive can’t read the particular disc at 16x from your transfer rate graph.

You should be doing ‘Create Data Disc’ instead to get the writing speed graph.

First of all, I don’t have a 1610 but a 1620. The burst rate with internal drive firmware is 21-22MB/s. This is too slow to support 16X burns.

Changed to external drive firmware (47L9) and the burst rate was raised to 24MB/s. The drive can now burn 16X discs.

I am using a DW1620 in a Prolific PL-3507 case.

Go read the “Big Extermal Case” thread to get much much more details and many people that have reached 16X.

Good luck…

I dont have a scan picture posted, but its not burning at 16x. Same speed as it says on the transfer rate test.

Does you case supposrt 1394 or just USB 2.0? Which are you using? As of now with internal FW Im only getting 19MB/s with the burst test. Pretty shitty. There is no FW for the 1610 external. Too bad.

Firewire = 24MB/s
USB2 = 19MB/s

I know what the cables support , but you said it went up from 19 to 24 with firmware.


My 1394a (firewire) speed was 21-22MB/s (B7U9) than 24MB/s (47L9).
My USB2 speed was 18-19MB/s (B7U9) than 20MB/s (47L9).

how come firewire is faster? Isn’t USB2.0 80mbs faster than Firewire?

Yes it is… on paper.
In reality the opposite has been proven too many times. Just look around this forum. :wink:

Your on a USB interface There is no way to do a 16 speed transfer due to USB itself.
Best I got is same as your’s, then I removed it and got a IDE drive… I would suggest you reread the paper work again, It might mention the top speed of your usb. If not try there tech support and yank it out of them. (the top speed).

Have a good holiday!

need a transfer rate of 24MB/s to attain 16x burns