All my problems were Nvidias fault

Well after months of diagnostics, I have finally found the culprit to my blue screens, aborted games, corrupted graphics, lockups, etc… My nvidia 6800 ultra card. Guess its a defect. I have tried 3 power supplies with it, (as I know it is really picky with voltage), but still no go. Finally sprung for a ATI X800XT…WOW what a difference. Not only is it faster it performs like a champ, especially with my Nforce3 motherboard.

I am not to say that all nvidias are defective, but it seems for me they seem to be more suspect to errors than ATI cards I owned.

My 6800LE has worked flawlessly ever since I got it even with unlocked pipelines and overclock

You know I’ve used Nvidia’s for years. The last ATI I used was a Expert@work 8mb pci card. After my GeForce 4600ti I wanted to upgrade to a directx 9 card so I bought a 9600xt card. I could not get that damned thing to work right. I eventually ended up returning it and got a 5700 ultra. Computers can be quirky sometimes.

I think ATI and NVidia are both equally excellent cards. But sometimes in certain instances one seems to work better than the other.

Recent versions of nVidia’s video drivers have issues with AMD’s buffer overflow protection (NX-bit) so you might give it a try by disabling it.

good to know, but i like my x800xt so much better I doubt I will go back to it.

can you give others here a idea on how to do that if they have simular problems with it?

Disable the NX bit in Windows by adding /noexecute=AlwaysOff in boot.ini