All my DVD's going bad?

Sorry if this isn’t the place to ask but I didn’t know which forum to post to…

Anyways… :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad:
I’ve got a real problem here… I’ve been noticing that alot of my recorded DVD’s are pixelating or locking up my set top players. When I record a disc, either in my Sony 510 recorder or my NEC 2500 recorder, I do a scan with DVDInfoPro and they usually test perfect with no bad blocks. I watch them within a few days of when I record them and have never had a problem in the over 400 movies i’ve recorded. However lately it seems like every recorded disc over 6 months old is either pixelating or locking up my set top players. When I scan them with DVDInfoPro again or CD/DVD Speed Scan Disc, these discs have numurous errors and unreadable blocks, no matter what recorder or dvd-rom i scan them with. The discs vary in brand, I have Verbatems, TDK’s, Princo’s, Fuji (Taiwan), CMC’s and Riteks. As I said earlier, When recorded, these discs scanned and played perfectly so I doubt it’s the 2 recorders. I store them in jewel cases in my home office. Now I have a ton of Princo and CMC CD’s which I recorded several years ago and I’ve scanned random discs and none have shown any errors. Today, I scanned around 8 random age recorded DVD’s and every one has unreadable blocks. Now this really sucks BIG time !!! Are all these discs prone to short term failure ??? I can’t believe I’m the only one noticing this problem but I haven’t seem mention of it in these groups. Have I wasted hundreds of dollars on media which won’t last beyond a few months ??? Is anyone else getting these failures ???

Thank you

I am having the same problem my disk won`t play anymore. They worked fine and tested fine when orginally burned.

I burnned with a pioneer A04 A05 & A06 and used Beall disks by Samsung which are guarenteed for 100 years. What a joke, most are not readable anymore. They were stored properly.

I had to get my pioneer A06 out of retirement since its the only drive I have that can read the disks, Even the A04 and A05 have problems.

I am now burning them on TY disks with a BENQ 1620 and a NEC 3500.

Actually most of the bad disks that freeze or pixalate play on a cheap cyberhome 300 set top DVD player.


Your old discs are either: crappy media that have a tendency to fail over time, stored incorrectly and exposed to excessive degradation conditions OR they were recorded badly with whichever recorder you were using at the time.
NEC 2500A + good discs + proper storage should last a very long time…

Just to get this out of the way: Hope you’re not using a sticker on those DVD’s? The glue shrinks on the surface and … many here only had to remove the sticker and they were ok again.

Aj, I dont like the things you guys are telling at all
I have a pile of DVD-movie backups (around 150), and the oldest are about 2 years old
I did not notice any problems yet, but im always affraid that at some day these disk will be going bad, and cease to be readable.
So, I was planning to backup the backups again every 4 years or so.
But now I read this topic and you’re talking about a couple of months?

What can one do to minimize the risk of dataloss?
I use A-grade media (mostly Yuden) and never burn at a higher speed than originally intended by the mediacode. What more can I do?

(and i never use stickers etc., store my disk in black DVD-cases, which I never expose to direct sunlight or large temprature changes)

Please tell me I’m safe :frowning:

So, let me understand this, 6 plus brands of media are all cheap, They’re stored in a climate controled environment which is wrong, and both my recorders are junk even though they tested perfect and played perfectly at the time of the burn.

Yet, almost all my CD’s (1000+), are mostly cheap CMC media, all stored in the same room as the DVD’s are, and are 5+ years old scan and play perfect… Even the cd’s that live in my truck, outside in NH play perfect.

you are safe…

Download the free version of DVDInfoPro and scan a few random discs and see what happens… All as I know is I have alot of bad discs here…
I’m pissed… :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

And your sure of this ???

Are you saying that some Made in Japan DVDs (Yuden and Maxell) are degrading over time?

I don’t have either of those brands… You can test them…

ritek g04 printable serials J3-03xxxxxxxxxx
I had 50 of these, burned perfectly, stored perfectly, 1 month later they were all unreadable.
I have also found PRINCO media to do the same but after 6 months.

Some media just doesn’t last.
(my datasafe g04 disks are still perfect after 18 months)

ive got some ritek r02 printables that are going bad after a week, got some g04s with the same batch number as you that are fine still after 4 months so you could have had a bad batch.

if its really important data on the disc you should test them every few weeks for errors and back em up if the error rate is increasing on the disc.

every disc degrades over time but some degrade a lot faster than others, can depend on the disc construction, handeling, storage and how they were burnt.

What is the best Reader/software combination to salvage problem disks.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance


Cdr manufacturing is now a mature technology; Dvdr manufacturing is not.

Whilst, obviously, some cdrs are better than others, it’s actually fairly difficult to buy really bad cdrs these days. Very high quality cdr media is cheap and even the really cheap cdrs available nevertheless are generally of an acceptable standard.

I store my DVDs in plastic cases same as legit DVDs and use printer to print disc label directly to blank printable media.
However the smell coming from a DVD case with a printed disc stored inside very noticeable and quite unpleasant, so is it possible that those chemicals (ink and plastic) are interacting with the dye chemicals to produce a change that affects the burnt recording.
Just a thought
Have a Liteon dual burner and started with minus burning using 4-6 different brands of blank media. Some recordings were from TV and not from existing DVDs.
But within 18 months all had failed even though originally they were fine. Got most of them tranferred to the plus format, but only time will tell if the same lack of longevity crops up again.
Can someone tell me why the industry is moving towards new technology when they still have not got this one sorted out. If we cannot got good and reliable and long term burns with this technology, then the new blueray and HDDVD is going to be even more finicky.
Perhaps nobody will buy and then the industry will have to come back and pick us all up and give us something they thought we did not need - true value for money.

Meaning? What are your humidity levels? All DVDR discs will go bad faster in an environment with high humidity (over 65%).

What about handling? Can you find scratches? One can scratch his/her discs without even noticing it.

Also do ALL the makes of discs go bad? Have you sorted the brands/models? This is not clear from your post.

do not know what the Humidity is in my house but outside here in the south it is almost always over 65 percent. Only had a few cheap disk I purchased from shop for tech that went bad .

if you have them on CMC then that’s ur issue… nothign but verbs and ty’s for me

You haven’t read that
TY can have very short life in high humidity climates
Verbatim from India can be very poor.
CMC are actually one of the most stable DVDr