All my dvdr's skip?--->kprobe scan

I use a playstation 2 and a aiwa xd-dv370(standalone) both skip in 2nd to last chapter on. RICOHJPNR01 discs that came as sony 25 disc spindle from bestbuy. Drive is a 411s@811s(HS0Q)with omnipatcher used with recommended tweaks. Burning done at 8x. I have also tried ritek g04. Computer is P4 3.2 800fsb 1gb pc3200 80gb 7200rpm Maxtor Hard disk is master dvdrw is slave. Anyone have any suggestions?

get a second ide cable and try moving your dvd-rw on a seperate channel as master. you should notice a speed increase…

i just put the drive as master one the second ide cable and got this scan…how does it look?

It’s not an outstanding scan as I’ve seen better - although you are well within specs, and good PIFs. As long as your PI is below 280 and PIF below 5 you are ok. Even with higher PIs chances are your DVD might still work fine with most DVD players, sometimes as high as 400-500, but wouldn’t bet on anything over that. High PIFs usually spell trouble.

Give HS0K a try. You’ll find a version on my site that will allow you to go back to HS0K. RICOHJPNR01s usually burn much better with this version. :wink: