All Liteon Dvd Rom Owners Please Read



Hello forum, I own a ltd 165h dvd rom drive which I have had for about 4 months. Just recently I noticed a deep scratch on the edge of one of my dvd’s so I checked all my other discs and to my horror ALL the discs that have been played in this drive have multiple deep scratches around the edges. This is down to the way I remove the discs from the drawer…the pc is at near floor level to my right and I tend to put my finger in the central hole in the disc and lift the disc out but the trailing edge of the disc catches one of the locating lugs which has a very sharp edge…resulting in the scratches I have described…so I have used some fine flour paper (wet) and gently removed the sharp edges from the 4 locating lugs…the result is no more scuffed discs even if I slide the disc in over these lugs!!..I suggest ALL owners of similar drives especially the ltd 163 which has a very similar drawer mechanism check their discs for deep scratches…hope this is of some use to other liteon users…dave


Could be a isolated case I’m sure, since all my CD/DVDs are still in mint condition after spins in 163D and 166S.


I’m sure it must be as my 163D also shows no signs of those symptoms.


Most all drive trays have those lugs, and many of them are sharp on the inner edge. They will really scarf a disc if you accidentally close the drawer with the disc only 1/2 way in. I’ve ruined a couple that way.