All kinds of questions!




I have spent an insane amount of time reading your forums over the last few weeks, time better spent working on college homework I am sure, and to this point I have only found one thing to be true…

The sheer volume of information available is staggering!

So to that end, and after countless hours searching, probably hindered by a lack of appropriate terminology, I have several questions I would like to pose to the ever wise constituency of this forum but before I do so I think a little information about my system and such would help.

I am running a AMD Athlon 64 3400+ with 2 gigs of ram and am currently using a Lite-On DVD ± rw 851s with firmware specially made to allow it to burn DL disks and improve its burn characteristics.

I have an extensive collection of Movies on DVD and I have two step daughters… That brings me here. As with all children things get lost, broken, scratched bla bla bla bla. One DVD was actually destroyed in my oven! To this day neither of them will admit who put it there, lol. To prevent this sort of thing from happening again I have decided to backup every one of my movies. Either that or I forbid them from watching movies on DVD, surely not a fun choice for them or me.

At any rate I have been experimenting with several of the trial and free DVD ripping and burning programs suggested on this forum and come to the conclusion that DVD Decryptor and DVD Shrink work the best for me. Time is of no real importance to me so their biggest flaw, from what I have read, is not a hindrance for me.

I do however have several questions concerning Media and how that media relates to my particular burner.

  1. My burner has a max speed of 8x for DVD+r (my prefered media type) and looking around and reading it seems most people here have 12x 16 or even 18x burners. I understand that burning and max speed for any burner is not the wisest idea. Should I be looking for DVDs in the 4x max speed range or should I be looking for 8x max speed? Does having an 8x DVD burned at 4x help to reduce errors?

  2. I have read that where media is produced can and often does play a large role in quality of the potential burn. Is there a general guide that I could print out that would tell me this sort of information? For example, I think I read somewhere that Sony DVD’s made in Japan are good but ones made else ware are more suspect. I have found bits and pieces here and there but nothing that seems to be a summary. Perhaps some sort of DVD buyer’s guide that I am missing?

I know I have more questions and I am sure they will come to me as soon as put my head to rest tonight on the pillow. I am looking to make lasting backups of my collection so I can hide the originals from inevitable doom! I appreciate your help and these extremely informative forums.



First of all welcome to the forums. Hope you stick around a while.

DVDDecrypter and DVDShrink are both good programs, but neither is being updated anymore, and many newer commercial dvds have added protection that is beyond their ability to decrypt. I recommend using RipIt4Me, which combines the two programs you’ve chosen with FixVts into one easy to use interface. RipIt4Me is free to use, it can handle the newer disks, and is still being updated. Go to the site and read the guide there.

Now for your media questions—I suspect that your dvd burner will do best using 8x disks. If you are in the US, I would advise going online to and buying 8x +R Taiyo Yuden disks. They are generally acknowledged as some of the best available. You should be able to burn these high quality disks at 8x with no problem.

The other high quality disks that are commonly used around here are Verbatim 16x +R disks, but I’m not so sure they would match up as well with your burner.

If you want to burn dual layer disks, stick to Verbatim brand. The 2.4x version would probably be best for you.


Thanks for the response.

I actually have used ripit4me one time with Talladega nights. It worked flawlessly.

I am going to check out now.

Again, Thanks!