All-in-one test getting awfully slow?

PTPXL takes 50% of the system performance. I’m sure that if it was capable of multi-threading, it would take even more. I’m running the third test now (read transfer, Sum8, Sum1, with Beta/Jitter and TA still to go), and it’s crawling across the disc … Can anyone confirm?

Here’s what i found: When doing a Sum1 scan and no errors occur the CPU usage is zero. As soon as errors are detected and the graph is drawn accordingly a more or less 100% CPU usage ensues. During a Beta/Jitter scan the CPU usage of PTPXL is 4 to 5%.

Thanks for confirmation. The interesting thing is it is getting slower and slower in Sum1 tests and the “amount of sluggishness” is different from brand to brand.

In case it is important: I canceled the test and restored a system backup with nVidia’s v8 drivers. They should do because I don’t play games on my machine. Well, no 3D games :). I’ll give it a another try tonight.

It seems as if a single Sum1 test is performed at the normal speed, although the cpu load is at 50 % again. Perhaps a graphics driver problem in relation to PTPXL?