All-in-One (printer, scanner, copier) suggestion?

I am looking for an all-in-one printer, scanner, copier solution and I am considering HP PSC 1315, HP PSC 1610 and Canon PIXMA MP110 / MP130. I am not looking for something very advanced, but would like something reliable that will last for a while. I am not going to do use it alot (mainly black and white printing and copying and some colour photo printing now and then). Any suggestions?

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If printing is only done on the odd occasion then the Cannon is a good choice & possibly the cheapest to run
I’ve got HP myself & quality is marginally better but more expensive running costs

I prefer canon too. Keep one thing in mind though. The mp110/mp130 use canon bci21 cartriges. You will probably only get 10-15 page size photos out of a color ink tank. Canon printers that use bci-3 or bci-6 cartriges cost about half as much for ink costs. Is it worth spending more now on the printer? Unless by occational you mean, rarlly, you might want to consider a higher model. Just a thought.

HP PSC 1315 is about half the cost of Canon PIXMA MP130 and HP PSC 1610 is marginally cheaper than Canon PIXMA MP110. Both Canon printers use BCI-24 ink cartridges and not BCI-21.

You could also look at the EPSON all in one’s. The reviews are pretty good on those, but my preference would be a canon mp780…

Something also to remember is ones that you can get cheaper ink for (compatibles)

Bci-21/bci-24, both are bad. Thier is an easy way you can compare ink usage with canons. go to canons official site and see how many pages the cartriges are rated for. Then compare retail prices for the cartriges to get a cost per page. Also keep in mind that these ratings are assuming that you use up all the ink. If you have a color cartrige that has all three colors in on cartrige, also keep in mind that when one color runs out, you throw away the rest. Some of the cheaper canons actually perform very well, but if you pay a little more for a canon that uses bci-3 or bci-6 cartriges, you will save big time in the long run. Also, bci-3 and bci-6 cartriges have a decent number of compatible cartriges avalable, and if you wnat to refill, thier are empty replacment cartriges for both that are specifically designed to be refilled. With the right ink, it is every bit as good as canon ink for 1/10th the price.
Hp, lexmark, canon, epson all play the ink game. They offer good quality printers for far below cost, or even free, then they soak you on ink costs and they know the undersized all colors in one cartriges are very hard to refill (for canon anyway). If you can in any way affor a printer that uses these cartriges, I strongly recomend it. Check the canon sight and compare cartriges for yourself.

Back to the beginning then, what should I get?

I can tell you what not to get. A Lexmark. No 64 bit drivers. Not now, not ever. Only a few months old and mine is redundant if I switch to XPx64. I’d consider future proofing before you buy.

Thanks, but Lexmark was not in my original plans anyway. Could anyone recommend a reasonably priced all-in-one machine with reasonably priced ink cartriges? Does one exist?

The canon is supposed to have good success with using offbrand inks (which means cheaper cartridges), and is very high quality.

Found this Staples AD in another thread:

Says $100 off but in fine print says $50 instant rebate which makes it $199.98. I think it starts on 8-7-2005 and goes to 8-13-2005.

Personally, I think I would go with an ip3000 or an ip4000 and a seperate flatbed scanner. If you want to go with an all in one though, the canon mp750 looks pretty good. It apears to have about the same print capabilities as the ip4000. I would keep an eye on the ads though. Youn might be able to get an mp760 or mp780 on sale as cheap as the mp750 (ore get the mp750 on sale even cheaper).

i have tried just about every printer MFG out thier.right now i have a HP5550 and an EPSON and my EPSON blows the HP away. i will never buy anything eles but an EPSON. to me EPSON is the best hands down. inks are much cheaper due to the fact, that when you get the inks you only pay for the ink, not the print head like orther printers. you can get ink’s for around 5-8 per cart. not bad. i say go with EPSON.

I’d get a HP LaserJet 3030 in the long run.

Both epson and canon use semi-permanant print heads. My personal prefrence is canon for inkjets but epson makes some pretty good printers too. Hp inkjets are going to be substantially more expensive to run (thats why they have such a long history of giving them away for free, and then making the money back on the ink). I know you can refill hp carts too, but everyone I know that has done that, has wound up having to buy multiple cartriges over time. Those desposable printheads will only run for so long if you refill. I know that I am the oddity (they usally don’t last that long), but the printhead on my canon i850 (older verson of the ip3000) has lasted close to five years and works good still. The printhead actually outlived the carriage, which is getting a little worn out (this printer has seen a lot of use). Proper maintenence is important though.
Laser is defanatlly a good and economical option if it suits your needs, and though I hate hp inkjets, they make pretty good laser printers. I think the original poster said he wanted to do occational color photo printing which leaves black and white laser out. The multi functions that I recomended are probably already out of his price range based on what he was originally looking at (though they will pay for them selves in ink savings in no time, especially if he uses oem ink), the hp 3030 is probably even farther out of his price range.

I would go for a epsom printer (very cheap ink compatibles) and a standalone scanner…
Do not get a lexmark ink price is to much imo anyway…

Fyi the mp750 is 130$ at fry’s and it seems to be good online.

Have a look at the reviews here

Personally I would recommend the Epson RX420 at the moment as the printer is good quality and there are a lot of good quality compatible inks out there.

I have found the Epson RX425 in a local store. Anyone else agrees that this is a good choice?