All in one LP to CD recorder for the technically challenged

I just posted the article All in one LP to CD recorder for the technically challenged.

I must give
the credit for spotting this appliance. For those of us with a box of vinyl
still laying around or better yet, parents that wish they could get all their

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Daaam! What were you thinking, RIAA. Couldnt have thrown in some drm on LP? :B Seriously, the appliance kicks ass. 'be nice to have a direct drive and mp3 encoder though. Cheers FidelC p.s. “let me just go and find a cash machine”-the big lebowski.

LP to CD, nice idea, but too expensive.

You can get far better with the line-in and a PC, but I guess for (rich) old people who dont own a PC this would be good. Then again, $500 would buy alot of professional, high quality remastered LPs. Ben :slight_smile:
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ceramic cartridge? arrgghh! that is precisely why people say $20 cd players sound better than records. a transfer with a high-end magnetic cartridge [pickering, shure, stanton. etc] makes a beautiful wave & mp3 file. Someone throwing out thier records after a transfer from a ceramic cartridge to a cd is a scary thought.

Funny, that picture looks more like a magnetic cartridge to me (albeit a low end one) I’ll stick with my linear tracking table and SB Live card though. (I really oughta pick up a few spare cartridges and stylii though)