All in one DVD

Hellow all, I was wondering can i burn the whole series of 90210 Beverly Hills season one into only one DVD-ROM? It has a total of 23 episodes tho, and I got it all in .avi format. How should i get it done? :slight_smile:

A single disc for 23 episodes seems to me a bad idea. The video quality of each avi will be ugly.

A better option in my opinion is to use at least two discs. If you set file dimension for each episode around 450MB you can put 12 episodes in each disc with acceptable quality :slight_smile:

If the files add up to less than 4.3GB then you can just write them to a disk using ImgBurn, otherwise you’ll need to re-encode them to reduce their size. VirtualDubMod is the tool of choice for playing with AVI files; just be prepared for long encoding times.

Of course, if you want to convert to DVD Video format then you’ll need multiple disks.