All in one dvd\cd package



I am thinking of buying a product from Cyberlink called DVD Solution 3. Is anyone familiar with it or have something as good or free? I know of Roxio but it doesn’t support double layer -R disks yet which are just about to come out. I also know of a couple others such as Nero, Intervideo.Any info would be helpful.


What do you want to do with it?

I would say, go for Nero.


from roxio’s web site:

Dual layer support for recording data using Creator Classic and was added to Easy Media Creator 7 in version 7.0.430.0. In order to record to dual layer media you must also have a drive that specifically supports dual layer.

If you have a version of Easy Media Creator 7 which is lower then 7.0.430.0 you will need to update in order to burn to dual layer media. You may easily update your software by following these steps:

so if you’ve got Roxio 7 already just update it.