All games wont play on my PC

Hi i recently bought a HIS HD 2600PRO Fan Dual DL-DVI & TV (HDCP) 512MB (128bit) DDR2 AGP however, it did not come with cd or anything because i bought second hand. I went to a drivers website - Drivers: however, now my games wont play. I tried going to the ATI website but they dont have the drivers for the AGP only PCi E. so the Drivers: is the only ones. What should i do?
Oh when i click on the game i want to play, 2 - 3 mins later a error comes up and asks if i want to send error report…u know those usual windows has encountered an error an needs to close. I know i can play the games cos i exceed the requirements, but still wont plqay.

Okay thank uyou


Probably wont help…