All Fuji media at BestBuy

All Fuji media, CD and DVD, is on sale at BestBuy for 40% off.

is this an in-store deal?


ok can you tell me how much and what exactly? I dont drive myself so I have to get a ride from the dear parents :bigsmile: I wanna know what it is before I go there

fuji makes blank cdr’s and dvd media for instance if the retail on 100 fuji 48x cdr blanks is 39.99 the new sale cost this week would be 23.99

The 25 pack DVD+R will come out to $34.28 after IR + MIRs - tax (CA) - stamps. $1.37/disc. An actual savings of 31.5% per disc. Damn Cali taxes.

got 100 Fuji for $20 (after TWO rebates). Not the best deal, but still an OK price, specially for Fuji :slight_smile: