All eyes on Blu-ray during Home Media Expo

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A $23 billion business means that every guy in it wants to attend to its main event. With all these billions in the home video business many retailers, distributors and important studios go to…

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I think the Bluray section will be a bust. All eyes will be on new displays, like Kuro- sound systems, media servers, wireless HD, HD downloads etc and upconversion. WTF do Bluray have to show off? A new and complicated busted DRM format??? Can you stream Bluray natively? Nope. (I know you can’t stream DVD either, but folks this is a new format an this is 2008! Why not make it a feature? Give me a reason to switch for chrissakes!!) Is it affordable? Nope. Is it easy to use? Nope. Does it work with your exsisting equipment without a DRM upgrade to HDCP? Nope. Can you really appreciate the difference between good DVD on less than a 40 inch screen from a comfortable viewing distance? Nope. Do people want to figure all this shite out? Nope. Is it a quantum leap from DVD to warrant all the fuss? Nope. Did sales go thru the roof once HDDVD failed and there was no danger of being a new betamax whore? Nope. Do people want to re-buy their movie collections and buy a big screen 1080p monitor? Nope. Does anyone give a crap about it? Nope. Face it. Bluray sucks the big wienie. No amount of blogspam hype or cheesy expos will ever change this reality, because the dweebs needed to push this over-complicated format want nothing to do with it. So aunt Jenny wont be able to use it. Conclusion…failure. I do not know a single person with a bluray player. I know one guy with a HD DVD player that probably wished he had saved his money as there are no films now other than what is already out. I have never heard anyone ask about Bluray. It simply does not come up…it is not an exciting topic. I DO know some folks with PS3’s and they are happy with them. But- I know MORE with Nintendo Wii’s and they are having FUN with them. That’s what it’s all about. this aint like video cards and gaining 10fps being a reason to upgrade to a new card for some ridiculous price. We are looking at a diofferent market, a market of folks that are not so concerned about seeing a blemish on Borats ass. Especially if you have to jump through hoops to get there. This is all about entertainment, not restriction and control. People want to relax when thy get off work, not fight with some dumbass DRM schemes.
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While I don’t agree, well written Crappy! I hope to see more of these essays here, good to read :S

Good one Crabby! Everything you said is true. The only people who disagree with you are the people already brainwashed by the hype. I guess they need to go out and purchase Sony WebTV as well to go along with their BR player, Mini Disc, and Betamax. :stuck_out_tongue:

Bravo Crabby, well written and it expresses the same views in which I share… “I do not know a single person with a bluray player.” Neither do I… And the ones I know which own a PS3 use it mainly for gaming…

blueshit feature DRM - Digital Restrictions Management - technology to restrict what you can do with media you purchase AACS - Advanced Access Content System - the DRM infection used for both Blu-ray and HD-DVD BD+ - an addition to AACS for Blu-ray discs, that provides additional restrictions to what you can do MMC - Mandatory Managed Copy - a theoretical way for you to make a legal copy of a movie HDCP - High-bandwith Digital Content Protection - Encryption of data over digital connections HDMI - High Definition Multimedia Interface - A digital connection found on most new HDTV’s, all HDCP compliant DVI - Digital Visual Interface - Precursor to HDMI, found on many older HDTV’s. However, many DVI connections are not HDCP compliant, making them worthless for Blu-ray and HD-DVD. ICT - Image Constaint Token - Downsamples HD output to standard resolution when hooked up over analog (component) cables. MPAA - Motion Picture Ass. of America - trade organization representing the major movie companies RIAA - Recording Industry Ass. of America - trade organization representing the major music companies -= 900 comment about blueshit :r

@Crabby Nice, couldn’t of said it better myself! @Dog_Freak Looks like the consumer is getting a deal! :slight_smile: Or is it getting screwed? Things are so fuzzy nowadays.

Great read, Crabby. Thanks dog_freak. I just added to my favourites. :slight_smile: