All eyes on Blu-ray during Home Media Expo

[LEFT]A $23 billion business means that every guy in it wants to attend to its main event. With all these billions in the home video business many retailers, distributors and important studios go to Las Vegas for next week’s Home Media Expo… In 2008 all their eyes are on the victorious Blu-ray format. What do these key insiders think of the format and how do they think the market will develop?

In the show’s 27-year long history the majority of the retailers attending to the expo were rental dealers. Due to some market shifts and the entrance of DVD in 2007 we saw a transition from rental to pure sales. Because these market changes are so clear, with retailers like Amazon, we see that the Home Media Expo also changed its focus.

With years of focus on DVD and its retailers, this year the expo will focus on Blu-ray. Major topics are how Blu-ray will secure its growth and consumer adoption together with continuing DVD sales. Several market insiders will show their insight on this during the expo’s kick-off, and a few announcements can be expected. [/LEFT]

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