All DW1620 and bulk users



come lets do a poll of happy user…for me …i am one big big happy user…


I have other one and BengQ my fav.


Hmmm…it would nice if the poll had an option for, “No, not happy right now, but not necessarily going with another brand…yet”. Or something like that :wink:

My replacement DW1620 should be coming sometime next week, so I’m giving BenQ another chance.


More than happy with my current 1620 :iagree:


I can’t select any of the poll options !!!
I would have chosen: I am very satisfied but it is not the only burner I use !!!


It’s OK but my Mad Dog (NEC3500) is a little better burner, I think. I do like the scans that the Benq will do though. It is a little faster burner than my MD. Right now I am using the Benq to do Qscans (TE and FE) on my 600 plus Fuji TY T02 media. I pull out all the ones that are not recommended for 16x burning and return them to Best Buy. A whole lot of them are showing up as OK for 4x and 2.4x burning only.


I voted “Yes…very very…its the only burner i use know…”
But it is not the only burner I use.


I cannot tick any box.


Sure I’m happy… but not only by my BenQ.
Still, NEC 3500 and modded (patched) firmwares makes me much more “happier”. :smiley:

Without ala42 and his MCSE tool, this drive wouldn’t be a keeper IMO. :bigsmile:

Because this is not the only dvdrw drive I use, I can’t vote; “only burner i use know” option. Voted undecided.


I’m happy but not the only burner I use. Can a mod edit the poll?


I’m happy too, but the issue of our PS2 not liking it’s -R burns, it’s not reporting CD C2 errors, and not being the best drive for copying copy protected discs, doesn’t make it the only drive I use and if I could only have 1 drive I might look around if I were buying again.


Well, I for one am a very happy camper with my 1620. It is the only burner I use, but I’m not into copying protected games. Had to give my sister my good cd burner, she needed it more than me, and was a little apprehensive over the 1620’s cd burning abilities, but it has worked very well for me.

Dvd burning has been excellent of course. Better than my old NEC 1300a I think, though the NEC was dependable with good quality media. It just hated Ritek/Ricoh disks with a passion. I haven’t been using anything but Japanese made TY, or Maxell’s in the 1620, which may be part of the reason I’ve been pleased with its performance.


Yup, Yup I do use my I/O MAGIC rebadged BENQ 1620 a lot now days but I do use other dvd burners as well such as my ole relic PLEXTOR 708A.


Not the only burner I use as I do use my NEC ND3500AG also but it is the burner I use the most and am the happiest with. :bigsmile:


My 1620 is working great!
The only problem is that it is NOT making coasters for me to put my drinks on–oh well, I guess I can live with that.
I’m super happy with 12x burn quality on TY’s.


I am very pleased with my BenQ. It is my first DVD burner, but I used other brands a few times (work/friends). Even with my older hardware, I can produce very clean burns - on crappy and quality media.

It is a winner for old Panasonic home DVD systems!!! DVD+R with -ROM bitsetting is really great!

My first BenQ product, but surely not the last.


I voted yes but i use both of my burners. See sig ╝♪


Yep, I voted yes also… I’ve added a second 1620 just to find out if I was “just lucky” with the first one. :slight_smile: As it turns out, the new one is every bit as good as the old…

They’re are not the only burners I use though, every once in a while I get a little buzzed up and burn something with the 1633 so I can go play with the Lite-tees! :cool:



pcdoc…i doubt luck has anything to do here…as far as i know…80-90% of poblems are user related…i have emailed BenQ to rerouted all RMA drive from forumer @cdfreaks to me in Singapore…:bigsmile: i am going to resell them at Ebay to make a big profit…


pcdoc > There’s a Lite-tees Poll out now :wink:
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