All DVD's burnt with former LH-201AP show as blank on new DH-20A4P


I used to own a LiteOn 812-S dvd burner which served me well for 4 years.
I then bought a LiteOn LH-201AP dvd burner which after 1 year started to fail
so I replaced it with a new LiteOn DH-20A4P.

I use mainly Verbatim or Fuji media which are manufactured by TY.

Yesterday, I put into the new drive a dvd+r which I burned with the 201AP and
I saw that the dvd is blank, I started to put more dvd’s that I burned with the
former drive (most of them are DVD+R 8X) and all of them came out as blank dvd’s.
(I also used Nero to show the content of the dvd’s and it showed that they are blank).

The firmware of the DH-20A4P is stock 9P54.

Did any one encounter such and issue or has any ideas how to resolve this ?

Thanks :sad:


I bet they were booktyped to DVD-ROM , right ?

Do you have any other burner or reader to try the same discs with ?

Yes, they were booktyped to DVD-ROM , why is that a problem ?

I have the LH-201AP but only the new DH-20A4P is installed
inside the computer.

Is there anything I can do with the DH-20A4P so it
will read the older dvd’s ? (without adding another dvd



20A1P did that for a lot of people (including me with 3 burners fail)
This is the first time I hear this happen with 20A4P :doh:
Maybe it was your 20A1P fault and I strongly suggest you try to read them back with the same 20A1P .

What is your 20A1P status now ? my experience with them show that they first have some reading problems (specially with -ROM discs) , then they fail altogether even with blank disc recognition and/or burning

Maybe I didn’t explain correctly -

The 20A4P shows all dvd’s that were burnt with 20A1P as blank,
if I read them in the 20A1P, I will be able to read the content correctly.

I set the book type using kporbe to dvd-rom, and I am asking how can
I read the dvd’s I burnt with the 20A1P in my 20A4P (since I don’t want
install 2 dvd burner in the computer).

Thanks :confused:


does anyone has a idea how I can read my dvd’s that were burned
as DVD-ROM (booktyped) on 20A1P on my new 20A4P ?

Thanks :confused:

Did you try reading the discs in another computer with a different DVD burner?