All DVD's are freezing

Just bought a brand new DVD-player Philips DVP-3012.

All copied DVD’s I have tried so far (25-35 pcs) are freezing at certain times and then jumping 2 seconds forward. Always at the same time in the specific movie.

My old Denver 826 plays them but with pixelations sometimes.
I have used 5-6 different medias and I always burn them at x2
using DVD Shrink and Alcohol, Nero, CopyToDVD.

Does anyone have problems with Philips-players ?
Will it be better to buy another (cheaper) player, because I still have time to return the player ?
Can anyone recommend another player which will play all media ?

I have found that this freezing was caused by cheap dvds only use Taiyo Yuden do not have this problem. I also only have cheap DVD players that play both cds and cdrws since they seem to work better. I always tell people to buy only dvd players that say they will play rewrite disk since they seem to work better than others even if the others cost more. Not sure about philips player you have.
Look at this site for info on your player

yip, i agree it could be you media, buy Ty or Verbatim’s

what’s the media code on the backed up discs that you’re trying to play?

media code can be found on teh disc info tab of nero cd-dvd speed.

I’m leaning towards a media issue as well, but we can’t really say for sure until we find otu what the original poster is actually using!

your right, what burner do you have and what speed are the disc’s

Two older Philips standalones here, and my experience is contrary to yours - they play pretty much everything I feed them, right down to most of the cheap discs I used before discovering CDF!

However, I have had freezing problems very occasionally, which in my case was media-related.

I agree with what’s been said about the media. Try and post the Media ID of the discs that freeze up. :slight_smile:

I have two of the medias here: Verbatim MCC 003 (DVD+R) and RITEK R03 (DVD+R)
Speed 4X - 8X for both of them.
My burner is Samsung TS H552B.
At work I have a second one Samsung SH-W162C which I learned is capable of writing in book-type DVD-ROM.
I have made a copy in this book-type, maybe its a bit better. I will let you know…
Otherwise I have to try TY-media

the verbatims should give you good results, wouldn’t go with ritek

your burner is 16x, why do you burn your disc’s at 2x?, as burning at slower speeds can give you problems, burn them at the rated speed of the disc’s.

Really ? I always thought and read that slower speed could/would give you the
best results ? Please explain !

you should always burn discs at their rated speed or no more than a notch or two lower. burnin gtoo slow will cause as many problems as burning too fast. it all depends on what your firmware supports for that media. most newer burners and/or newer firmware provide little to NO support for any media at 2x. When you try to burn at 2x your firmware is defaulting to a generic write strategy that might not be suitable for that media ID.

I usually burn 16x media at 8 or 12x and 8x media at 4 or 8x. I wouldn’t try to burn 16x media any lower than 8x…and you’re certainly starting to ask for problems at 2x.

lowering the speed from the rated speed is recommended if you’re using poor quality media (not your case as long as you stick with the Verbs…I’d ditch the ritek.) or if your burner doesn’t perform or if you’re a geek and you do lots of scans and notice a difference between speeds…I love my BenQ, but I get better scans on burns at 8x than 16x and I don’t mind the extra few minutes.

Ditto :iagree: :iagree: