All dvd writers r unreliable or?

i have come to the conclusion owning a variety of dvd writers that all isn’t good, data integrety especially is not great on dvd writers. It all goes down to gettin good media but even that isn;t good enough, i am talking about the reliability of dvd writers to record good copies i think we have to wait quite a long time.liteon especially stay away from liteon dvd writers

Maybe you need to get yourself a DVD-RAM writer then.

My words… (I would like to destroy my 811S immediately remembering all the coasters i produced even with TY and MCC media :Z )

if you are interested in constantly rewritable data back-ups on your PC with native drag-and-drops in your OS and direct editing/downloading/saving/changing to disc, a DVD-RAM drive is HIGHLY recommended, as thegdog mentioned. Drawbacks? Cost of media and DVD-RAM playback capable drives are a bit thin on the ground. The Pioneer 107d I have can play them, though. For my money it’s the only rewritable format out there worth the money I paid for it.