ALL COMICS 2004 Gallery - New question: Best Comic 2004?

Heya everybody,

the last poll was good and the feedback on the comics is really nice. So I was wondering which comic you all liked best in 2004.

It will help me improving the comic style! :iagree: :iagree:

OK Here’s the list of the comics that were published in 2004:

Number 45:

Number 46:

Number 47:

Number 48:

Number 49:

Number 50:

Number 51:

Number 52:

Number 53:

Number 54:

Number 55:

Number 56:

Number 57:

Please everybody vote for this!
Next new Garfield comic will sure come next week :smiley: :smiley:

Alex “Rylex”

They are all good but from this list my fav it number 45.

I see you have a fav to Rylex.

Yeah my favorite up to now is number 50 :wink:


Number 53 for me :slight_smile:

Well it really seems like everybody has another favorite comic … and that’s a good thing!
I wish you all a nice weekend and just can’t wait to see how the poll changes until Monday…

…and then during the next week…
…I’ll strike back with the 58th OFFICIAL Blindwrite comic!



Too many to chose from, but i gonna have to say No. 50 :iagree:

I can’t choose between 46, 49 or 50.

If I have to choose it will be:

  • nr.1 50;
  • nr.2 49;
  • nr.3 46.

Thanks for voting!
Up to now we have 10 votes…

Please everybody vote… I think more than 10 users have read the comics???

:smiley: :smiley: got to be 57 for me lol

Hahahaa … this is really cool stuff man …
I think all of them are just great, super . num 50 n 57 r jus 2 good [Whap] :bigsmile:
Keep up da great work Rylex .

51 is my favorite :wink:

Thanks for voting…

New comic alert!!! Blindwrite 58th comic is coming soon…