All burnt cds seen as Audio CDs?

If I make an image of Hitman2 using the original cd using Clone CD and then burn the image to my Liteon burner when I put the cd back in the Liteon sees it as an Audio CD and my dvdrom sees it as a normal cd but gives me " Not a valid Win32 application " when I click on setup??

I have had this problem copying other cds aswell??/

Is my Liteon messed up? I reformatted and tried again and got the same problem

The Liteon is a LTR-24102B

If I use the LG DVDROM to make the image file to the hardrive first and then burn with the Liteon that seems to work ok.

But I think this Liteon is messed up


The Lite-On drives have some problems reading the new SecuRom protection and therefore we set-up a new Profile (see my signature for links). But Hitman 2 uses an uncopyable version of SecuRom so you wouldn’t be able to copy it anyway. The problem with the Lite-On drives was first seen with games like Warcraft 3 and Neverwinter Nights which are still copyable even with the Lite-On when you use the custom Lite-On SecuRom [NEW] Profile. Not a valid Win32 application error can be a result of low quality media written at a too high speed.

I tried the new clone cd profiles you pointed out for my Liteon
and I still get that the copy is an Audio CD on the Liteon and on my LG DVDROM it sees it as a game cd but says " Invalid Win32 Application " when I run setup on that cd.

I burnt it at 16x and still no luck

If I use the LG DVD ROM to READ the image to the hardrive and then use the LITEON to burn the CD then the LiteOn will read the new cd fine. I still have to use a NOCD patch to play the game.

My whole point here is why does the Liteon still see the CDs as Audio CDs? Am I the only one with this problem?

I told the guy I bought it from to replace it with a 48x

thanx for your help