All About The Nero Disc Quality Test



Hi everyone i just wanted to start a topic all about Nero Disc Quality Test

We all want to make nice dvds and/or backups but i wonder how good nero disc Quality disc is and if there is something better to use

I want to know because i want 100% good backups(if possible without watching them first on all of them) because i got around 4 totally different standalonde dvd players and i want them to play good/smooth on all of them.

When I do the Nero Disc Quality test more then one time on the same dvd i get totally different Pierrors,Pi Failures,Jitter

So is there a line in it…how do i know if i have a good backup without watching them first on all the 4 standalones?

Thks For Your Time


It seems nobody is interested…


im actually very interested! i think we should figure this out. im the same as you, i have many different standalones and i wouldn’t mind knowing the backup will work in all players, obviously some players regardless of the disc will play anything crappy like.


also, is everyone settling on cdspeed being the defacto because its the only thing we know is out there? im new to this, but i’ve always wanted to know exactly how reliable is it when it come to just plain compatibility.


Good thing somebondy is able to help starting this thread


What about DVDInfoPro?

Dunno if it works with BENQ drives properly.




Is it better and more stable then Nero Disq quality?

With stable i mean, if i run the test several times wil it be the same or will it change like hell just as nero?

Thks again


dvd info pro works well, even if a few select, so called “elite” (see long time members and constant posters) don’t like it , that doesnt mean much. Its a good app. Try it out.


Works well does that mean it give a better result if a dvd is good or bad?
Even when running it several times on same disk?



I don’t know if this is going to help or make things worse. Last year I backed up a movie with dvd Shrink and Nero using a Liteon 8x drive (since deceased). Scan 1 shows the results. I couldn’t bear to see such an ugly scan so I stopped at 1 gig.
I then re-copied the movie from this “bad” DVD to a new DVD and I now have a nicer looking scan -Scan 2.

The original DVD (scan1) still plays without and visible problems. I simply recopied in the belief that a new copy would be safer in the long run.

So in answer to the original question - “how good is Nero Disk qaulity” I would say it is useful tool. The quality of a burn is determined by the drive, the firmware version, the scanning software, the media used, the speed burned… etc.

Nero CD Speed - helps as a guide to better burns and that is all. I would not become overly concerned about PIE, PIF or Jitter figures. The well known general limits ( no more than 250, no more than 16. Jitter of 10% or less ,quality of 90 + etc) should suffice. Apart from amusement I can see little mileage in trying to get a PIF of less than 50 - I just don’t think that is what the program is intended for nor is it accurate enough to be taken seriously at that level.


Nero Disc Quality test is a guide. Nothing more. There are many many variables that can effect a score, even on the same disc.


Look here.


You have a very valid question there.
There are several things that can help insure that you get great, repeatable copies.

Purchasing a known-good media can help. It helps in that you just avoid medias that are “extremely variable.”
For instance, avoid CMC if you don’t want to scandisc each newly burned DVD. Disc Quality Test nearly always passes CMC discs even if there are bad sectors and corrput files. CD/DVDspeed’s scandisc, DVDDecryptor’s all-file mode copy with ignore-errors preference shut off, and DVDShrink’s incomplete quickie-scan whenever you perform “open disc” procedure–can catch discs that “sneak” by the Disc Quality Test.

You should also find a media that seems to work well in the 1620 and all 4 set-top players. I do think that your question is mostly media-dependent. And I think that you can find a media that gives consistent results.

For reference, maybe the plain (non-printable) Prodisc 8x +R media would be a good place to start. Have the bit setting to DVD-ROM and it should “fake out” those 4 set top players into working right. Burn these at either 12x or 8x, but not 16x.
This would be a good example of a media with both a pretty Disc Quality Test scan (indicating the BenQ likes it) and good data integrity features as well. See our “post-your-scans” thread and purchase small quantities of the better medias until you find one that is appreciated by those set-top players. However, premium set top players are now $36 (just for reference).


I got my self some high quality media i think

Fujifilm dvd+R 8x TayoYuden02

How big is the change i can play them on all 4 players…


Jeroni. If you have 5 minute to spend, you can make a “SEARCH” on the forum. So you can found information about “KPROBE”.
The first thing was that you can use cdspeed,kprobe,dvdinfopro on the same drive you can get same results. The difference was between drive supported by these software. For example if you do a scan on the same media with Asus E616, Plextor 712, Msi1816, Liteon 167T, Benq 1620, you can be sure that you obtain differents result.

The problem was how constructor implements the error test or error report. When you utilize cdspeed you have the “Average Scaning interval”. If you test media with different drive you can see you have different value :
Liteon SOHD-167T 1.22 Ecc
Asus E616P2 64 Ecc
Benq DW1620 8.22 Ecc
msi (dead after 3 month)

So I think, it’s my opinion after 1 year of dvd burning testing and headaches, that Liteon offer the best testing because he have the lowest interval.

One thing that was sure was you have to buy good media. When i started to write dvd i think that was like cd, you can buy cheap media, it works. After some month that was not true.

I recommand to use :

dvd-r : Real Ritek G04-G05 grade A, TTG media, MCC
dvd+r : Tayoyunden, Fuji, Mcc

After, for the dvdplayer compatibility you had to make test on cdspeed,kprobe or dvdinfopro to verify that the PIF was under 32. You can found on Kprobe thread information about the standard. After you have to test the readspeed to see if you have a beautifull curve.

To finish if you have that good disc, put it in your player. If the player do not work, you can trash it. I have 2 old player Toshiba sd200ee and tokai 712s (the two are 6 years old or more), and i have no problem.

One last thing was, do not forget to set the booktype of you + media to dvd-rom to be the more compatible.

this is my response. But i plan to make an article or a thread on this problem and perhaps a soft.

by (sorry for my poor english)