All About Burning

I currently have a LG - GSA 4166b and am trying to use to the burner at full capacity and get the most out of it. My questions starts here, an original dvd is usually bigger than 4.7.gig is there a way from nero to burn this movie straight onto a dual layer disc without compression?. Also after shrinking one of my dvd’s onto the hard drive, i could not figure out the correct method in using nero to burn it (several failures with SONY DVD-RW discs , maybe the dvd drive just doesnt like the brand), what function do i use so i can do this?

Of course you can burn dl media with nero but i’d prefer Imgburn or clonecd. Also for your output it depends what you’ve selected video files or for example an iso image. Dvd video files you can easily burn with nero using option dvd-video.

What program would you suggest for dealing with all things DVD?

These ones dvdfabdecrypter, dvddecrypter/ImgBurn, anydvd/clonedvd, clonecd and dvdshrink. It’s always good to have more options available.

I have been using dvdfabdecrypter to decrypt and dvdshrink with nero suite to burn, so far no problems. This seems to be a good combination. I am pretty new to this and have not had one coaster. I am using a NEC nd 3550a with maxell and sony dvd-r blank media.