Alive Video Converter Problems (maybe?)

Hey Folks,
Anybody use Alive Video Converter?
Got a problem. I am using Alive Video Converter (the newest version)to convert .mov files from my digital camera to mpg. I convert to mpg2. The coverted .mpg plays fine in nero showtime and win9 media player. I then use DVD Santa to burn the .mpg to dvd. When I test the movie after burning to dvd it plays faster than the original .mpg or .mov. It plays about 3x faster. Any ideas?


I’m not that familiar with dvd santa, but there should be a setting for frames per second. I know that there is on Adobe Premiere, and Vegas Video. If you are unsure of what settings to use, there are guides and tutorials at .

I will look into that!

I am. However, I’m having a problem converting *.mov to *mpg.The app returns an error suggesting that perhaps Quicktime is not installed. It is installed , yet for some reason Alive can’t seem to find the codec. Would appreciate any suggestions.