Aliens vs predator 2

Whenever I make a backup copy of aliens vs predator 2 i can install the game but i cant play it in my cd re writer and cd -rom. Both drives dont detect the cd in the drives when i put the cd in. The drives wont read them for some reason. But I can install it by right clicking on the cd icon in ‘my computer’ and clicking on the install launcher. But when installed the game will not launch.
Is it something to do with ‘Hide CD-R media’ in cloneCD. I have clone version and a memorex 24x10x40 TWENTY FOURMAXX cd - rw.
help please!!!

Thanks!!! :slight_smile:

AVP2 is using “Securom New” protection !

So to copy it you must enable the reading of subchannel data and nothing else.

(There is no audio track on the CD so subchannel data from audio track is NOT needed)

BlindWrite can also copy AVP2 so if you can’t get CloneCD to work you could try BW.

This all depends on your readers/burners succes in reading subchannel data from data tracks.