Alien Vs Predator 2 how i did it ;o)

Hello here u will find my settings

CDwriter Ricoh DVD/CDRW MP9120 used as reader
Firmaware 1.20 to make free region for dvd

OS windows 98 SE

Clone Cd settings
reading at Max
x => subchannel data ==> yes
x => fast error skip ==> yes
and software to correct fast error skip

TO burn it
12x write
method of writings RAW DAO
Burn proof on
always close last session

And no need to have a plextor to play it works fine with any drive

Finally someone that has done it!. Thank you i am going to try it now.

Yes it is only can be read by my cd dvd player as operation flash point red alert2, empire earth, aquanox

to play the games on your recorder use the hide cdr media