Alien Bonus Disc



When I was attempting to make a back up copy of the bonus disc for the movie “Alien”, I would get to 98% of Creating DVD Files and it would just error out on me.
The following in parenthesis is the error from the log:

“Clone 1 TCE”

I have never had this problem before.
Any help with this matter would be greatly appreciated.

This is a region 1 DVD.


What versions of software are you using?


Sorry…I forgot to post that…



Is this a disc from the Alien Quadrology package?


Yes, I haven’t had any other problems with any other discs so far…This has been the only one to error.


i own the alien quadriolgy, so i tested the one i have. tried burning it and everything went ok. does the disc have any scratches on it or anything like that.


No, I checked it out and even wiped it off.
I have had some really scratched up dvds and I could get them to burn.
This one is just being a real pain.


If you are using AnyDVD, try to delete the CSS archive, reinsert the disc and try again.


I tried that but had no luck…
Same error at 98%
Could it be a bad disc?


it might be a bad disc. i had that happen with elektra. everyone i talked to got it to burn fine, but i couldnt. tried three different disc’s and the last one i tried worked fine.


Hmmm…I have to just keep trying…
Thanks for all your help.


A “Clone 1 TCE” error is unlikely caused by a bad disc. I have the Region 2 (German) Alien Quadrology box, so I can’t try it myself.
What output size did you specify in the title selection window?
What percentage did the quality bar show?


Well, I am using 4700MB and the bar was at 50%…


Looks good. Please send a CloneDVD log to bugs(at)

Log window: Here you can see the processes which CloneDVDâ„¢ 2 does at the moment

You can open the following context menu with a right click into the log window:

* “Clear”: Here you can delete the content of the Log window
* “Save”: Saves technical details about the copying process at the last selected directory
* “Save as”: Here you can save technical details about the copying process on the hard disk


Just sent the log to


yeah, thank you for attracting hundrets of spam robots to my email address! :a


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Mistakes happen…
I didn’t know this was your email Olli…sorry…
Thanks for the advice AZ…


Just wondering if anything was found out about this problem…
And I do apologize for the posting of your email Olli…
I never heard of the spybots hitting your email until I asked some co-workers…Sorry about that…


I was able to get ahold of two different copies of this disc and the same problem happened to both…I even had a co-worker try it in his burner with the same versions of AnyDVD and CloneDVD but to no avail…Any suggestions?