Does anyone know what protection is used on the American McGee’s Alice-game?

safedisk v2 I believe

I just got Alice…I know…It is a million years old but hey…what the heck. Anyways, I have a Litey 32123S. Does anyone know exactly what Safedisc2 version is on the game? USA version.

I did a search here & man, “Alice” came up like crazy in the Italian forum. What is Alice in Italian?
Thanks for the reply

Safedisc 2.05.030

Okay… I have bookmarked that great link & downloaded some of those protection apps. 1 quick ?

Can any apps check the version of securom right on the original cd BEFORE the game is installed. I am ready to do Diablo 2 & Lord Of Destruction.

Yes they can, but it depends how SecuROM is packaged