ALi "good" or "not so good"



Hi guyz my ide controlers are running on a “ALi M5229 PCI bus master ide controller”. I dont know the capabilities of this controller whether it is decent or not, but the thing is my hard drive is running in Ultra Dma mode 5, in the primary channel, and i have a dvd drive in the secondary channel running in Multi write 2 dma mode. Apparantley this is crap and trust me i have tried everything to change it to UDMA or anything higher. Now my question is are there any wizards out there that understand the ALi ide controller and its capabilities (if it should be running it in UDMA), but i would like to know if there are any updates for this ide controller, or some sort of ehancment tools.
Cheers guyz


Do a burst speed using Nero CD DVD Speed with the dvd drive.

Only FEW controllers are suitable for ODD.


On old mobos DMA sometimes (also) has to be enabled in BIOS. :wink:
Post us more details about your compu/laptop please. Use Nero InfoTool.

Finally, as a general opinion I have to agree with chef, older Ali chipsets are crap when it comes to OD.


i did got aroun 15mb/s. Ive heard the using usb affects the ide channel while firewire has nothing to do with it. But still im looking for some updates.


how to i post the info from nero infotool


OK heres the log file


Com’n, you can not run two parallel threads. Why didn’t you simply post all this info in this thread (newbie forum). :confused:

You secondary IDE channel can run in DMA mode at current setup. Keep all your USB/FW problems in thread you already had running!


sorry i was just running this more concerning the IDE thingy, didnt want to conern the enclosure


Should i continue in the other thread? and coult you answer that “you secondary channel CAN run in DMA mode at current setup” why is it running in multi word


Should i continue in the other thread? and could you answer this in the other thread and ill continue from there “your secondary channel CAN run in DMA mode at current setup” why is it running in multi word?


Your laptop drive (GCC-4240N) runs in DMA speed.
You can’t controll USB/FW transfer speed over IDE, they (USB/FW) have their own chips and drivers are already provided by Windoze. Your problem is thus basically not related to any DMA (or not DMA) settings on your laptops IDE channels.

Hope you now can return to your basic problems you started to post about. Thanks.


Ok cool thanks alot this thread is the recent one you should have a look at So for now i cant do anything bout the dma settings