Alert: Verbies On Sale At OfficeMax Next Week

Starting on the 15th, Verbies will be back on sale at OfficeMax, $22.99 for a 100-pack, and $14.99 for a 50-pack. Start hunting for those coupons.

I’m assuming that the UPC on the newly designed packages is the same as on the old ones, so we should be able to get the new packs at these prices.

Also, Sony 25-packs will be on sale at Circuit City for $6.99, so you can use that to get a PM at Staples for T02s.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled propaganda.

100 pack seems to be much better deal but have to look for PABA spindle. The 50 pack spindle is an easy no brainer, just need to look for the newer package spindle, deep/dark purple color spindle like allan mentioned in the other thread. I dont think seeing the newer spindle for 100 pack

My friend that was in California got back two days ago and brought me the 100 pack of Verbatim that was on sale at OM for 24.99$ and they were Prodisc made MIT .

The spindle is clumsy as hell and the first two burns were horrible :a

I am not at home now so I would not be able to post the scans .

Although the PIF were horrible (~4000 total) specially with those Prodisc PIF blocks, PIE was good as well as jitter and TRT was perfect .

I can’t complain though if they would hold up well as CMC made Verbatim specially that my friend gave me them for free :stuck_out_tongue:

The Office Max in my area has plenty of the new packaged 50 spindles of Verbs. They also have the old packaging . The new package rings up as a " Promo" so you cannot price match, I tried to return some older unopened spindles of Verbatim and exchange them for the new packaged ones and they would not let me. But I will be back there on Sunday buying more for 14.99 even though I will probably unload the older ones ( Intelliflix package) to some of the guys at my Office for 12.99 a 50 spindle. I truely believe that these are first stamped media because the design on the top is different also. ( The New packaging) . For me at least with my setup they burn better than Taiyo Yudens @12X. The only 2 medias I use are MCC004 and Yuden000-T02-000 so with the supply of Yudens dwindling I want to stock up on these new Verbs.:wink:

To bad the nearest OM to me is about a 60 mile round trip.

my trip more like 100 miles

That means that the UPC must be different. Not good. We may not be able to get the new packs at this price. :sad:

i’ve seen the +r’s in the new package, should i choose made in india or taiwan.

You always choose MIT over MII, all other things being equal.


Guess we are both screwed on the deal lol. I cant see driving 60 miles non the less 100 miles just for some media.

OfficeMax matched BB’s price (12.99) yesterday. I bought two 50-pack +R with the new wrap.

What’s the UPC number and/or Product number on the packages you bought?

What’s the UPC number and/or Product number on the packages you bought?

The numbers are the same as the old packaging.

Reorder number and UPC number are the same
Reorder #: 95037
UPC: 23942 95037

camellote, please post some scans of burns from the new wrap batches when you get a chance. Thanx.

Same with me. I took in the BB flyer showing the price and item number. The clerk had no problem with PM and for the new packaging ones.

@ Dailen Quaice,

I’ll get a pic tonight.

128 miles round trip for me so not good…

Here’s the first scan

:bigsmile: I say that looks better than my Maxell scans from OD. :cool: