Aleratec DVD/CD Shredder Plus XC cross cut media shredder

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 New Cross  Cut Media Shredder from Aleratec   The DVD/CD Shredder Plus XC Prevent theft or unauthorized use of  discarded DVDs, CDs, and Credit Cards CHATSWORTH, Calif., Oct. 24, 2005 -- Alera ...
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who buys these things?

paedophiles, paranoid warez kiddies, companies with to much to hide, hospitals, government organisations.

We have shredders at work that can munch cd’s. Companies are pretty paranoid about the data that employees accumulate then discard. We are “encouraged” to shred documents and data discs, not just throw them in the trash. Even when we throw paper into the recycle bin, the company that picks it up, runs it thru a shredder. At home, I do not place any sensetive data on our computer and we never archive anything to optical other than the pics of the stuff in the house for insurance, which is stored offsite. But when we get things in the mail and we are done with it, into the shredder it goes! My wife is very good at this and we have (knock on wood) never suffered from identity theft to date. I think these optical shredders make sense as every home should have some sort of a way to shred documents, so why not have the capability for discs as well.
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