Alera releases CD/DVD shredder - No you can't undelete

I just posted the article Alera releases CD/DVD shredder - No you can’t undelete.

Alera Technologies has send us a press release announcing the availabilty of a CD/DVD shredder. This machine is able to shred about 30 discs in one minute and makes the CD/DVD disc totally…

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It’s about time they made something for us to put our AOL CDs in.

Hear hear, I’d love to know how many AOL CDs they’ve produced worldwide to date.

hey you can have fun with aol cds :slight_smile: frisbeeeeeeeee =) or just to make some crazy things with, or to destroy =) what should we use when they don’t give free aol cds anymore? :wink:

Only thing good about AOL cds is the DVD-like container they come in. Thanks for the free covers AOL, Suckers :stuck_out_tongue:

This weekend only, Arthur Andersen is liquidating all assets. All CD and paper shredders must go! :4

I just use the microwave:p watch your cd do a little dance with it’s very own fireworks show Don’t try this at home (use the microwave at work):4