Alera motorized Disc Saver review over at Oceania

I just posted the article Alera motorized Disc Saver review over at Oceania.

This is
something a bit different. How about a motorized disc polisher? This contraption
is designed to put a damaged disc back into service. Not a bad idea at all. In
the first test, they…

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Bought one of these myself to try, though it had a different brand name - looked extremely similar though. Opinion - load of rubbish. Don’t dare use the ‘harsh procedure’ as it completely wrote off 2 discs for me. On the otherhand the ‘mild polish’ makes the discs nice and shiny but leaves them with visible circular marks where the polishing heads have been - and it didn’t help playability. Product is available in the UK from Macro and Maplins for £20-£30 for the kit. I think the ‘Skip Doctor’ product is likely to be much better, though not used one myself.