Alea Pingo Jet Pro vs. Copytrax DaVinci 6-6

Hello Guys!

4 weeks reading and finaly I’m on two minds! What is the better choice and what to buy?

Alea Pingo Jet Pro or Copytrax DaVinci 6-6 CD???

Pingo Jet Pro - Lower Price of the device , low cost print - 2 cents, can work 24/7, 4 color, Bulk In System, HP Engine! Full color CD print time - 52 sec!!!

Copytrax DaVinci 6-6 - Higher price of the device, 4 cent per print, Printing 6 CD’s 120mm for 2.5-3 min, 6 colour, Don’t know nothing about the engine and Heads?

Any suggestions or experiences will be highly appreciated!

I don’t have a great budget, so any cheaper suggestion will be great!

I went to Copytrax website and read description of printer. Sounded good, but when I contacted them via email, I was advised that printer is only made with 220 vt. power supply, not available with US 110 vt. power supply. No US distributor.
Could not find any website for the other printer. Anyone know a website for it?