Aldi - they LOOK like TY cases, but they are NOT TY!

Have seen many many Taiyo Yuden shaped cake boxes of CDR and DVD+R in Aldi’s and always wondered. You know the type of cake boxes I mean.
Anyways, my wife got me a 50 pack of the CDR’s and a 20 (20 ! Tight ar*ed ***** !) for part of my chrissie pressies.
So I tested them first thing, being suspicious…and…
NO, they are NOT Taiyo.
The cdr’s are Ritek and the DVD’s are CMC (yuk)
So - be warned.
The boxes arent even any worth. The dvd one is slack and wont fasten properly, the cdr one is too tight.

lol I’ve told my wife many times to leave the dvd blank buying to me. Thanks for the tip.

This is not new, as Aldi gets the media from BestMedia (aka Platinum) :slight_smile:

“[I]BestMedia/Platinum, 25/50 cakeboxes (Germany): All of them are TY cakebox clones with clear shrinkwrap, but mostly CMC and Ritek. Aldi South media also comes in TY cakebox clones.[/I]”

Maybe I should add “sub-par feeling-cheap clones where the parts won’t even fit”?
Most knowledgable CD Freaks immediately notice that the cakebox clones neither [I]feel[/I] like the TY cakebox revision 2.0 nor like TY cakebox revision 2.1.

(Taiyo Yuden FAQ 2.0 is under preparation, and this will be taken into consideration.
For the meantime, just remember that the TY cakebox revision 2.0 has short codes like 2A or A on the top, and the TY cakebox revision 2.1 has long codes like FIC-2A or FIC-1B on the top, in addition to some other minor design changes which will be mentioned in the Taiyo Yuden FAQ 2.0.)