Alcoholer 3.2 has been released, ClonyXXL add-on for Alcohol 120%



I just posted the article Alcoholer 3.2 has been released, ClonyXXL add-on for Alcohol 120%.

Club CD Freaks is not only the place
to be to discuss CD, DVD and MP3 related subjects, it is also the birth place of
many tools. One of the most famous tools is probably TwinPeak and now…

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Okay, I just have to comment… Implemented ASS??? The RIAA has this deployed ALL OVER the company, its not that revolutionary. Just go to their headquarters, and in every cubicle, theres one… theres one… theres another… doh! There’s two in the sameplace… theres a BIG one.


Well there was not ASS(Advanced Sector Scanner) before. So I have added it :slight_smile:


LOL onlinetracker :g It is neat though that a lot of software tools have emerged through the cdfreaks forums. Its the birthplace of cool ideas it seems :wink:


Well Hemispasm, you are right. This tool has born on cdfreaks :g. And finnaly after long time of submitting to news (i think from version 2) it is posted on main site. Thanx :B


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