Alcohol120% 4719 & Vista Ultimate64 cant Burn/erase CD/DVD

hi, i have a problem with my alcohol120%bulid4719 under windows vista ultimate 64bit. I can mit same dvdburner creat a image, but burning not work and erasing not work to. I testet with cdrw/dvdrw.
Also on windows xp64bit it work befor. SPT142-64bit is installed.
With Nero7 and blindwrite & vista burning software i can burn with same dvdburner but only alcohol cant.
i have uninstalled all other burning programm but alcohol problem exist :frowning:
my dvdburner is, samsung sh183a sata. in mb bios is IDE mode of AHCI.
can please anyone help me what is here wrong ?

In Alcohol settings, go to Emulation, and make sure Ignore Media Type is unchecked. This is often the cause of issues with RW type media.

Maybe your drive isn’t supported by Alcohol yet although most drives work without special support. I would update to the latest version as you’re using an old build an try TimC’s advice.

all emulation in alcohol is disabled.

but alcohol work with same hardware under windows xp64bit.
which build is lasted version ?

My fault you’re already using the latest version which is

i have installed (devsupp Version from alcohol soft and same problem. no burn no erase :frowning:

Please try contacting the support team on with a complete system report and a description of the problem. Thanks.