can alcohol backup every protectet games with my asus writer?

i doubt it

i use alocohol (1125)
and own an Asus CRW4816a (firmware 1.1)

my experience is that alcohol can produce a working back-up off any SD 2.xx protection to date with the asus cd writer used as reader and writer.
on the other hand alcohol can’t handle securom 2.4 verry well.
the back-up only works with a no cd patch. or you have to mount the image to a virtual device.
blindread/write supposed to be able to make an working back-up off an securom 2.4 protected cd. but i heard from various persons that blindread/write can’t handle SD 2.8 protections as well as alcohol.
i cant confirm this because since i use a NT based windows (xp or 2k) i cant make blindread/write to work on my system.

from what i know an heard/read from other persons my conclusion is to use alcohol for SD protected cd’s an use blindread/write for securom >2.4 protected cd’s

Alcohol can only emulate the latest securom protected cds from a virtual drive. It cannot burn a working back-up without extra assistance.

However, with the assistance of the bwa builder and blackcheck’s twinpeak tool, it can make a working back-up of these cds. (In fact, it’s the method I use since blindwrite doesn’t work on my system.)