Alcohol wont start

Hi, Can anyone help? I am a registed 120 user as of a month or so ago and I am suddenly having a strange problem with it. It wont start!! I have reinstalled and it will start but then wont start again after re-boot. I have no other writing software installed and today reformated and carefully loaded everything on.

Help, I need to use this great program!


AMD 2000xp
Asus a7n8x Mobo
512mg kingston
liteon 48-24-48
sony dru-510
XP pro service pk 1

Please be more specific. How does it not start? Do you see any errors?

To be more specific the icon wont start the program, nothing will, including the target exe in the alcohol folder. I click on it and the hard drive light flickers but nothing loads! It is version I havent heard anything from support@alcohol yet, I am hoping they might have a suggestion.
Any ideas?

It seems my problems are around an overclocked graphics card! I wound back the settings and it seems to have fixed it. Why???
Anyone else had this problem?

Perhaps your graphics card was overheating? This can cause all sorts of nasty problems.